The Shawshank Redemption: Timeless Classic with the weird title

The Shawshank Redemption: Timeless Classic with the weird title

The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

The Plot – Framed in the 1940s for the double murder of his wife and her lover, upstanding banker Andy Dufresne begins a new life at the Shawshank prison, where he puts his accounting skills to work for an amoral warden. During his long stretch in prison, Dufresne comes to be admired by the other inmates — including an older prisoner named Red — for his integrity and unquenchable sense of hope.

Why is it Worthy? – Based on a novel by Stephen King, director Frank Darabont gives us a very moving and warm story of a man called Andy (played by Tim Robbins) who was sent to prison for murders he did not commit. He shouldn’t be there, but yet he is and he tries to make it through prison life. There he befriends Red (played by Morgan Freeman) and other characters during his seemingly never ending imprisonment. Darabont perfectly makes us feel the slow passage of time and the bleak prison environment, gray prisoner clothes give a sense of lack of hope for the prisoners. But there is someone who is hopeful – our protagonist Andy – who despite all the hard time he’s having in prison, still fights off fear and hopes for a better tomorrow. And then .. there’s the ending – but I will not ruin the ending for those who have not seen it – but it beautifully wraps up this sweet prison drama.

While Shawshank Redemption was a critical success, box office numbers weren’t great and while it was nominated for 7 Academy Awards, it won none (it was the year of Forrest Gump). The movie then found success post-theatrical release. It was a rental success and was being shown year after year on TV stations. The Shawshank Redemption (say it twenty times in a row) is always present at the top of many best movies list of all time: it’s been at the number 1 spot on the IMDB Top 250 since 2008!

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