The Matrix : This is the One

The Matrix : This is the One

The Matrix (1999)

The Plot: A computer hacker learns from mysterious rebels about the true nature of his reality and his role in the war against its controllers

Why is it Worthy? We all watch movies for different reasons under the umbrella term of entertainment and of going through an experience led by a movie narrative. One of the reasons that we watch movie may be that we want to be sucked into a story, its world and its characters. This is what The Matrix achieved back in 1999. The Wachowski sisters presented this twist on reality and we are sucked into the rabbit hole with Neo, played by Keanu Reeves. Spoiler alert – this world is all but a simulated reality meant to make think humans are in control where in reality they are actually batteries meant to power the robots that have taken over the world. The narrative build up till Neo understands this is formidable. First time i saw The Matrix, I was confused in the beginning by the fact that physics laws seem to not apply to everyone and people disappearing into telephone lines. But once Neo gets the the red pill (the unpleasant truth) we get to learn with him what’s going on. Neo (anagram for the One) learns to master the Matrix simulation, learns to master kung fu and becomes the binary god by the end of the movie. Blown away.

And we haven’t gone into what is mostly associated with The Matrix – the bullet time effect. A lot of 90s movie were pushing boundaries when it came to visual effects and CGI. The Matrix popularized “bullet time” which in lay terms is extreme slow motion with a hovering camera moving at a “normal speed” showcasing what’s happening at that very second. It was awesome to see Neo’s evolution in the movie when at one point he dodges bullets in slow motion.. hence “bullet time”. VFX artist George Borshukov and his team were responsible for this.

Wait, wait, there’s more. The religious and philosophical undertones. The spectacular action set pieces. The Matrix is a rare sci fi gem that even the sequels couldn’t match. Worth to be on top of mountain at the Land of Movies.

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