The First Feature Film Ever Made

The First Feature Film Ever Made

The Story of the Kelly Gang (1906)

The first narrative feature film ever made is The Story of the Kelly Gang. It was filmed in Melbourne, Australia by Charles Tait and tells the story of outlaw Ned Kelly and his gang. It was a silent film and the start of the Australian bushranging drama. Bushrangers were criminals who operated in rural areas and used the bush to hide and escape after committing a crime. They were usually very violent and featured lots of shooting.

In 1970 Mick Jagger played Ned Kelly in Tony Richardson’s Ned Kelly and Heath Ledger played Ned Kelly in the 2003 film called Ned Kelly as well. In 2019, Russel Crowe and George MacKay star in a bushranger film about the outlaw Ned Kelly and it’s called True History of the Kelly Gang.

The Story of the Kelly Gang was originally 60 minutes long but only 17 minutes of footage survived to this day. Below is what remains out of a recovery attempt of this nearly 115 year old film. Some of the missing footage is replaced by photos.

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